Plus-size large cup bras At last, bras that go up to cup size P!

Plus size large cup bras Ladies, we stock bras up to cup size P. This is a big deal! A lot of companies advertise bigger cup sizes, but have you ever been able to order one? I’m sure not…as it’s all empty advertising.

However, with us at Viva Curve, we 100% do have P cups, and we start at 32D and go up to band size 46. And what’s more, these bras are bright and gorgeous! Why? Because we believe women of all sizes have a right to wear sexy, supportive lingerie. We are fed up with male owned companies to make plus sizes beige and ugly.

The ‘Boss lady’ at Viva is Liz Willis and she started the company once she realised at a 38DD that she could not fit into Victoria’s Secret any more. Today she designs and manufacture beautiful lingerie. The factory is in Europe, but sizes converted to US sizing. We work with one of the top, specialised factories in Europe and our quality will be better than brands, such as Elomi and Freya. And Viva Curve offers a bigger size range than any other company in the world.

Our factory has a real understanding of how to ‘build’ bigger bras. Busty ladies need lift and support, a nice rounded shape and firm control, but above all, comfort. Bigger busts are heavy, and cheap bras from Asia just does not provide this kind of support. We also found Asian bras fall apart after the 5th wash, such a waste of money and all this ends up in landfill. Not very green at all!

Your Viva bra should be washed by hand, but could last you a few years if well looked after!

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If you need to get a refund or exchange it for a different size, we are here to help you. Once you find the right size for you, we know you’ll be back to order different design and colors.

Contact Liz if you have any questions

Lastly…ladies, we find 99% of women wear the wrong size bra. You should try and wear a slightly tighter underband to relieve the strain off your shoulders. Only around 20% of your bust weight should be on your shoulders, the other 80% should rest on the underband. Here’s a great article explaining it all!

Wearing the wrong bra?